Sunday, May 13, 2012

May, 2012

May 1, 2012

Got up and left the Welcome Center about 7:30.  Don and Mickie aboard "Morning Winds" have been gone for about an hour (?)  Time has a way of slipping away and not seeming too important.  The bridge and lock at Deep Creek, the north end of the Dismal Swamp opens at 11:00.  Plenty of time even at 6mph.  Things are a little breezy this morning, but we are protected by the trees along the canal.  Still VERY narrow and often not very deep.  We continue to hit what seem like little limbs and small logs which we can not see in the water.  I think that the boat is causing a wave as it moves through the water and since the bottom is so close debris is being dislodged from the bottom and the  props are picking it up.  Very troubling since we had them redone and really don't want to have to do them again soon.
Walk over bridge to 2nd Welcome Station and walking path

View of Dismal Swamp from walk over bridge

Don, Mickie & Dixie on Morning Winds

Double image of walk over bridge lifting to let boat through
Life appears to be tough for these two watching the boaters come by

Views as we passed through Dismal Swamp

Is this not just the greatest?

Hard to believe I had to keep looking for logs when it was this pretty

The views were just beautiful
Saw lots of turtles sunning

Got to the bridge about 10:30 and Morning Winds was waiting for us.  As we travel faster than him, we moved ahead of him in anticipation of coming out of the locks first.  Then the Bridge and Lock Tender called and told us he would be about 25 minutes late because he was waiting on another South bound boat to get to the lock.  That really ended up being about 45 minutes.  Sooooo, we sat for about 1:15 with the winds blowing us around in this skinny canal with rocks along one side and stumps on the other and tried not to hit anything.  Finally the Tender got there and we let the South bound boat go through and we moved through the bridge towards the lock.

Bridge tender finally opened the bridge so we could head toward the locks

We were locking down this time about 9 feet.  The winds were blowing pretty hard and keeping the boat on the lock wall was a real job.  The lines kept slipping off the bollards and it was not a smooth operation.  But we made it down.  The Tender opened the lock doors and we headed towards Norfolk.
Waiting for bridge tender to drive from prior bridge to the locks to open the locks

Locks finally starting to open

Slowly moving our boat up toward the Locks Master to hook up our lines to the bollards

Water level on opposite wall of the locks as the water is beginning to lower

Water dropping

Water finally at the lower opening level

Opposite locks doors beginning to open

Doors almost completely open

We are now finally on our way to Norfolk

Got to the end of the ICW and turned North towards the Gilmerton Bridge.  Right before this bridge is the Norfolk Southern #7 Railroad Bridge which is normally open.  Just as we got close, they lowered the RR bridge.  Here comes the train.  So we had to wait for the train.  Then we had to wait for the next opening time for the Gilmerton Bridge.  So the 3 of us (2 other sailboats which were in the swamp with us bobbed around for another hour + waiting for an opening.  Now the winds are really kicking up and we had a real fun time waiting.

About 5 minutes before the bridges were supposed to open, here comes a barge, a large (150') ICW cruise boat, about 6 power boats, 4 or 5 sail boats, and Sea Tow pulling a Sea Ray all moving towards the bridge.  What a CROWD all of a sudden.  All heading for the same bridge which still isn't ready to open.  Thank goodness the train was gone and the barge was there as he got them to open up and we finally all moved through.  Looked like an Armada.  Finally got to Waterside Marina about 2:30 and got tied up.  All in all spent about 3 hours today bobbing around waiting.  I guess I better get used to it.

This place is really busy on the water.  The Navy has ships everywhere being worked on, there are barges and tugs running around and ferries going back and forth.  Even cruises.  Mind boggling.  Went to Hooters and sat on the patio and watched a tug/barge come out in the center of the waterway and begin to go around in circles.  A few minutes later here comes another tug/barge up the river, meets up with the first tug and barge and they both start going around in circles.  They tied the two barges together then one tug pulled off and away went the other tug with both barges.  Real smooth.

Trip 29.1 miles, at 6.3 avg mph, max 11.0 mph, 4:33 travel time, 7 hours total.

May 2, 2012

Another catastrophe!  No not the cats this time, worse.  Joy got an email from USPS (the Post Office) that we had a package they were having trouble delivering.  Not thinking, I opened it and guess what!  VIRUS.  Wiped out all our Icons and other information leaving a dead computer.  Off we go to Best Buy to see the Geek Squad.  Every time I go in that store I feel like I'm being fleeced.  Anyway, left the computer with them to try and salvage what they can to an external drive and reinstall the operating system.  Lost all of our pictures, documents, probably EVERYTHING!  So you may not see many pictures of the last few days.  Hope they can save some.  We took lots.

May 3, 2012

Joy and I are going to do some sight seeing today.  Took the Ferry over to Portsmouth (.75 each way for seniors - finally being older is paying off) and walked around.  Lots of empty shops and not much going on downtown.  There is a free dock that if we had known about it would have saved us a couple of days of marina fees.  No hookups, but that's not really much of a problem.  There is also a neat little shop called "Mile Marker 0" run by a guy named Bob.  It is a marine supply shop and Bob has been really helpful with the cruisers docked there.  He takes them around town when they need something and orders parts etc.  It's a new shop I think and it would be great if he can succeed as he certainly has a helpful attitude towards the travelers.

Joy got a call from Best Buy.  They have not started work on our computer yet.  They can not find a power cord.  Told them that it was a $60 cab ride to their store to bring them ours.  They said they would look around and try to find one.

May 4, 2012

A real nice sunny day.  The marina got a bunch of us a taxi ride over to a local Harris Teeter to stock up on some supplies.  A real nice service.  Best Buy still has not found a cable as of this afternoon (even though they have the same model on display).  They are still going to try and find one.  I suggested that they send their Geek Squad Car over and pick up ours, but they don't seem to want to do that.  Went to a baseball game of the Norfolk Tides.  Had hot dogs and beer.  Went with Marc and Michele from "Marc's Ark" and Michele's sister who lives close by who drove us.  Good time.

May 5, 2012

Another bright sunny day.  We have been really amazed at the amount of Marine activity in the area.  The Navy has a couple of ships across the water which we have been watching them work on for a few days.  It is a real LARGE operation.  This morning there was some activity around one in particular.  They had taken the tarps off the ship and it was sitting in the dry dock looking pretty exposed.  Has to have at least a 10' draft and a real nice looking now bottom job.  Along came some Tugs and hauled off a barge in front of the dry dock.  About an hour later they came and hauled off another barge with some type of building on it.  Then everyone went away.  Thought that was it for the day.

Joy and I called F.R.E.D (stands for Free Ride Every Day) an electric car that the City of Norfolk gives free rides around the downtown area to anyone who needs it.  Another great service this area has for those traveling through.  We went across town as far as F.R.E.D. could go and then walked the rest of the way to Goldbergs Hardware.  Store is closed on Saturday's and Sunday's.  Bummer.  Walked back to within the picked area and called F.R.E.D. and got a ride back to the boat.

The Navy ship was in the water and I missed it.  Another Bummer.  Then along came the Tugs and they pulled it out of the submerged dock and floated it down the river.  A real neat operation.  I am very impressed at the skill of the Tug Captains.  They really know their stuff.

Naval Ship in dry dock

Tugs moving barge

Tugs gettting ready to move ship

Tugs moving ship out of sunken dry dock

Tugs moving ship

There goes the ship down river stern first

This afternoon I called Customer Service from Best Buy.  Talked to at least three different departments and finally got one of them to talk to the store and try to get this off dead center.  She called back and said they would have a cord by Monday and be working on it by then.  They want me to call the store on Monday afternoon and see where they are with it.  I can't believe they can't call me with an update.  I am not a fan of Best Buy anymore.

Went to a Mexican Restaurant across town with Marc, Michele and her sister again and had a great Cinco de Mayo (my spanish spelling is not too good) dinner.  The weather has turned off and it has been raining for a few hours this evening.  Life is good.

May 7, 2012

Busy day.  Got a ride from F.R.E.D. to Goldstien's Hardware and got another garden hose so I can reach the fill for the water tank on the bow of the boat.  Got back just in time to catch a ride to Harris Teeter so we can get cat food and other supplies for the cats.  I called Best Buy when we made it back from HT and they said the computer was ready to be picked up.  The guys at the dock shack called a cab for us and we got a round trip and picked it up.  They were able to save most of the info on the hard drive so we may be able to have some of the pictures for the blog.  We'll see.

Registration for the Rendevous is this afternoon.

May 8, 2012

First class of the seminars is on the Chesepeake Bay.  Wow!  What a lot of crusiing available.  We could probably spend several months (years?) cruising this area alone.  Then Delaware Bay - not so nice an area.  Got to watch the weather.  Then NY Harbor - what a mess that may be.  What have we gotten ourselves into? (I am sure this is all Joy's fault!)

May 10, 2012

The seminar is ending today and we have met several people who are making the trip who are in various stages of completion.  That is because we all started in a different place and will end in a different place.  This is really neat.  The people are different, the boats are different, the attitudes are different, everything about us is different, but we all have one goal and that forms a bond.  It also causes us to show a level of respect.  I don't think many people would attempt this trip without some level of grit.

Most of the people we have met are probably doing better than the average guy you meet on the street.  They have, on the whole, done well and live a good life.  There are others who dream of doing the trip and living this lifestyle even though they haven't made quite as much money as the guy in the fancy boat in the next slip.  One couple we have met have just bought an older Marine Trader trawler which looks pretty much like the original Jim's Joy which many of you know we sold just before we left.  Needs some work.  When they got to Norfolk, they had a leak which they could not find and their bilge pump was coming on about every 15 minutes.  They are from Canada and we as well as others were concerned that they might not make it home.

At dinner tonight they were giving away door prizes.  Many prizes were t-shirts, hats, cruising books and chart books.  Some prizes were a little more valuable.  One was for a free haul out, pressure wash of the bottom, and blocking on land and two months of on land yard storage at a marina in Deltaville, just north of here about 50 miles.    This prize is worth some real money.  I don't know who won the prize, but when we walked out of the dinner Jim from Canada was holding the certificate for the haul out.  No money changed hands.  They just knew that Jim and Mimi really needed it more than they did.  There are some really nice people on the water.

We are planning to head to Deltaville tomorrow, but the weather looks real iffy.  North winds on the Chesapeake Bay is not supposed to be a good thing.

May 11, 2012

We stayed in Norfolk today.  Did not feel comfortable with the weather.  Some folks are going on and we will catch up with them in Deltaville.  Walked to the mall and got my hair cut.  REAL short.  Also did some work on the boat.  Pumped out the tanks and flushed them good.  Had Bob and Ivy (from Miami) over for dinner.  Will leave in the morning.

May 12, 2012

Time to move on and head to Deltaville.  Good trip overall.  Winds have died down and are under 10 kts out of the WNW to WSW.  We left at about 7:00 and headed out Hampton Roads and then up the bay.  Bob and Ivy were not ready to leave then so I slowed down and waited for them to catch up.  I have  installed the laptop with the new navigation software on the helm.  I can actually  read it in the daylight which I did not think that I could.  This gives me a separate backup system with a lot of additional information.  It is Maptech software and I can download the NOAA charts free and have the latest info.  Worked ok, but needs some refining which I will work on.

Got to Deltaville and Dozier's Regatta Point Marina.  Tried to go in the wrong creek, but Ivy called and got me straight.  Good trip and the Bay was pretty comfortable.  Got to the marina and they are having a cookout.  Bring something to cook and a dish and the marina furnishes the beer and wine.  Good times.  Turns out I made a good decision as everyone got beat up pretty well yesterday on the bay.  Lucky, Lucky, Lucky.

Light house on Hampton Roads
Light Beacon

Nordic Tug

Sailboats on Chesapeake Bay

"Karma" (Ivy & Bob)

Deltaville sunset

May 13, 2012

Mothers Day.  The marina has a breakfast kabob.  They ask for a $5.00 donation which goes to a local charity.  Got on the bikes and rode into town.  Most everything is closed but, the West Marine is open.  There are two in this town which they are combining into one and building a big stand alone store.  You would not think there would be a need for such a big store.  The old store is as big as the one in Savannah.  The new one will be three times the size.

Went to see Jim and Mimi at Deltaville Marina where they were hauled out and they were working on the bottom.  They still did not know where the leak was comming from.  They had found a couple of bad bearings.  I guess leaks can be harder to find.  They are doing as much work as they can to save dollars and time.  Mimi has already called and extended her time off as they will not be back in Canada when they had planned.

Had lunch at Cocomo's.  Fried shrimp and beer.  Pretty good.  Came back and watched the Players Championship Golf match.

We have been having problems posting to the blog.  It appears that the blog does not support Internet Explorer any longer and Google is forcing us to go to Google Chrome.  I hate the way Google operates.  Some day they will get their comuppins.  We are also having problems with posting photos to the blog since we got the computer back.  Please be patient and we'll get things back and going eventually.

Log Hull Buy Boat "C.E. Crocket"

Museum's runabout

Michele and Marc on T/T Marc's Ark (from Illinois)
Joy, Marge (from Virginia), Jim and Mimi (from Canada)

May 15, 2012

Stayed at Dozier's in Deltaville another day.  The weather was iffy and had some things to tend to.  Tomorrow we are heading to Onancock (population 1,500) on the Eastern Shore.  The winds are supposed to be light and it should be a good day to cross.  We will be going with 3 other boats and it should be a fun time.  On Wednesday we will take a ferry to Tangiers Island.  This place is very remote and they like it that way.  There are no schools on the island and the kids have to take a boat to the mainland to school.  (10 miles to school in the snow, up hill, both ways?)

May 16, 2012

Got up this morning and Joy was washing of the swim platform again.  Have had a pair of Mallards spending the nights there and generally making a mess.  Poop everywhere.  I know sex is messy, but these two are really taking it to the extreme.  Any one for duck soup?

The ride over from Deltaville to Onancock was a pretty smooth one.  The Bay had a few rollers, but they were small and there was very little chop.  We followed Marc’s Ark, and Native Son brought up the rear.  Erika Lin left before we did.  We got off about 7:30 and took about 3.5 hours.  The channel into Onancock is a long one and you need to stay alert.  It is shallow water around here.

Sign says caution - hmm - I wonder why - looks perfectly safe to me

Cute kitchen shop

The Barney Stone Pub

Onancock Town Hall & Police Department

Charlotte Hotel

Kayak Rentals & Gifts on City Docks

Mallards on City Docks

Sunset at Onancock

Had lunch at Mallard’s next to the marina.  Old place.  Good food.  Cold Beer.  Wonderful.

Walked around town for a while.  Had a few beers at the Irish Pub.  Quaint little town.  Lots of art shops, a few antique shops and restaurants.  Charlotte’s Hotel appears to be the only one in town.  One movie house was all that we saw.  They say there is a Wal-Mart on the far side of town.

Trip 35.0 miles at 9.7 mph avg., 11.3 max mph, 3:37 hours.

May 17, 2012

The eight of us (Native Son, Marc’s Ark, Erika Lin, and Jim’s Joy) took the ferry over to Tangiers Island today.  What a change in culture.  The ride over was a bumpy one.  Mark, the ferry driver who lives on the island has lived on the island all his life and has no intentions of moving.  He said he makes the run at least twice a day.  Today after he drops us off he is taking a group of school kids from Reidsville, MD back to the mainland.  They have been on the island for a field trip.

The island appears to be a throw back in time.  Almost all of the men work on the water in some form or fashion, mostly crabbers and now days Tug boat operators or crewmen.  The houses are mostly small and not fancy.  Most people get around on some form of transportation other that cars or trucks.  Golf carts are popular.  Many scooters and bikes.  The population is now about 500 people.  Ten years ago, it was about 1,500.  There are many graves located in people’s front yards.  I guess they want to keep their ancestors close.  I had one woman come out and tell me she did not appreciate me taking a picture of her husbands’ grave.  It was on their private land and not a public cemetery.  I told her I meant no disrespect and would delete the photo.

We had lunch at the Fisherman’s Corner Restaurant.  The food was pretty good, but the selection was limited.  The island is dry so no beer.  No Dr. Pepper either.

The big ferry came to the island today and the grocery store closed from 12:00 to 2:00 to restock.  It became a real hub of activity after that as everyone came to get first dibbs on the fresh veggies and fruit.  They picked through the boxes on the floor. 

We got some ice cream at Spanky’s.  They even had Mint Chocolate Chip.  First ice cream we have had on the trip.

They do have a school now which covers all 12 grades and even have a teacher for each class.  This year’s graduating class is made up of 3 girls.  I wonder what their reunion will be like in 10 years. 

The ride back was still bumpy, but not as bad as going over.  I think we will probably stay in Onancock for at least another day.  Mother Nature is making traveling unpleasant again.  We had leftovers on the boat this evening.
Jackets II heading out for Solomons Island

Tangiers Island cemetery  filled mostly with Crocketts & Parks

Very few vehicles on the island mostly golf carts

Crab chairs in front of local museum

Parks Bed & Breakfast
Lots of baby ducks

If there are cats they will find Joy (or vice versa)

Crabbers Shacks to store their equipment

Public dock

More Crabbers shacks

May 18, 2012

What a gorgeous morning.  The sun is shining, the sky is clear blue with very few clouds, the temperature is a little cool, but the winds are blowing.  We are staying put.  Probably going to walk to the Donut Shop in a bit.

Called the local version of mass transportation and got a ride to Wal-Mart.  Resupplied the boat.  Joy bought makin's for Joy Juice.  I'm not sure everyone is ready for that.  We'll see.

Had dinner at Bizzotto's on the main street of town.  Really nice meal.  Little pricey, but good.  Got to get more exercise.

Marc's Ark

Marc & Michele from Marc's Ark

Native Son

Rich & Mary Kay from Native Son

Erika Lin
Bob & Lynda from Erika Lin

May 19, 2012

Got up this morning at 0500 and looked at the weather.  10 - 15 mph winds, gusts to 25, waves 6'.  Don't want any of that.  We all got together and decided to stay a little longer.  It looks like we may be here till Tuesday if the weatherman is right.  Oh well.  I just went back to sleep and got up again at 0830.

After we all got up this morning we walked downtown to the town yard sale.  They have a sale every Saturday in the summer and this is the first one of the year.  This is really small town USA.  Lots of antiques, veggies, eggs, seafood, crafts, etc.  Had a nice walk around town.  Going to work on the boat.

Farmers Market & Flea Market combined


We think the whole town participated

After the market we walked over the bridge to the other side of the water from where we were docked

Long haired dachsun named Lola

Jim's new no muss no fuss haircut (sorry Maria)

boy that feels good

Jim practicing to greet the sunset

Rich showing his stuff as well

Mary Kay saying they neither one are doing it right

Marc telling them to listen to the true sounds

Michele said pucker how

Lynda was asking do you all have germs?

By his look he wasn't impressed with any of the noises

May 20, 2012

Sunday in Onancock.  Not much happening.  Cloudy day and it will probably rain some.  I think most of us will just stay in and read a book.  I slipped on the stairs to the Galley last night.  That hurt.  I had my laptop in my hand and it went to the floor real hard.  Would not turn on again.  That hurt more.  I was able to take the back off and move some things a little and it came back up.  Whew!!!!!  I have had enough trouble with computers on this trip already.  The weather looks a lot better in the morning and we hope to be able to leave for Crisfield, MD.  Had a few beers with everybody at Mallards late afternoon.  I guess we all had cabin fever.

These folks (about 20ish) put in right next to our boat and paddled away
Of course they did consent to pose for a few pictures
Pretty talented in spite of the current
And away they all go
When they all got back several hours later it was raining like crazy

May 21, 2012

Got up this morning to a beautiful fog.  We got off at about 8:30 but it is a short trip.  Visibility is not real good going out the channel, but good enough.  Short trip.  Good waters.  Gonna have some crabs tonight in Crisfield, MD.

Sunset at Crisfield, MD
May 22, 2012

Left the dock at about 7:00 for Solomons Island.  The skies are very cloudy and overcast, but the water is calm on the bay.  Some concern about Thunderstorms, but the traveling is good.  Followed Marc's Ark and Native Son out of the cove and sat back for a comfortable trip.  Had to keep an eye out for crab traps, but otherwise a nice trip.  Passed a target ship on the way which looked very dark and ominous.  Sort of like out of an old movie.  Did not get close.  Some one may need to practice.

Arrived at Solomons Island about noon.  Went to Bunky's Marine Charters for fuel.  Worst service we have had on the trip.  You would think they would be happy to sell.  Did not act like it.  Took on 178 gal. with a cost of $668.  I guess their economy is real good.  Left as soon as we could.

Did not get  as good mileage as we have in the past as we have been traveling a little faster with the group.  Only 1.7 mpg on this fill up.  Still not bad.  I had calculated that I would take about 200 gal. so I should not complain too much.  We did use the gen set a little this tank so that would make some difference.

Moved on to Spring Cove Marina where we will stay 2 nights.  Nice place, but a little pricey (has two pools, nice showers, loaner bikes and canoes).  Loaded up on the courtesy electric shuttle car and went to Zahnzer's Marina Dry Dock restaurant for a nice dinner.  Met some other  loopers (about 20 of us in all).  Had cocktails on the dock after dinner until the bugs came out.  Early night.  Watched the Braves loose to the Reds.

Target Ship (I couldn't talk Jim into getting any closer for a better shot)

Can't decide if this house is really at an angle or if the boat was rocking

This one's for sale if anyone is interested.

I'm sure this makes the neighbors real happy (all boarded up).

Trip 46.8 miles, 8.9 mph avg., 10.8 max., 5:13.

May 23, 2012

Checked out a couple of bikes from the marina and rode to the Calvert Marine Museum which is close to the marina.  What a nice facility.  The museum deals mainly with the local maritime activities and history of the area.  It was much more interesting than I had anticipated.  The displays of the boat building and restoration was very nicely presented and in a word, I just "Loved" the place.  The Drum Point Lighthouse relocated to the museum campus was very interesting.  We spent a long time there and had a great time.

After the museum, we rode into town and looked around.  I can see why people like to come here.

Room used to clean and restore old bones

Otters (cuter here than on our dock)

The Old Solomons Island lighthouse that was moved by a company in Savannah to its current home

We were told that although the furniture was not the original from the lighthouse it was indicative to that time period

May 24, 2012

Left the docks about 6:30 and headed for Annapolis.  Left Rich and Mary Kay (Native Son) in Spring Cove.  They are staying another day or so.  Sorry to see them drop off as they are great traveling companions.  Maybe we can hook up again later.  Hope so.  Also, left behind Bob and Lynda (Erika Lin) who will leave a little later and join us in Annapolis.  Bob went to the Emergency Care yesterday afternoon with a swollen elbow.  They drained some fluids and gave him some antibiotics.  They did not get back to the boat until nearly 1:30.  They also need to go to the Pharmacy and get some more pills.  They'll catch up.

The ride was a beautiful one.  Bright sun shining, flat seas.  Very comfortable and enjoyable.  Got to Annapolis about noon arriving at Yacht Basin Company passing the Naval Academy on our starboard.  What a beautiful campus it is from the water.  I wish the marina was as nice.  It is very clean and attractive, just very TIGHT!!!!!!!!  Had to go all the way to nearly the last slip, around several corners having to stop and spin the boat and then proceed to the slip.  Got to the slip and had almost no room to back the boat in.  Hit one of the pilings and put a "kiss" on the swim platform.  Broke rule #1 on docking ... "Don't go any faster than you want to hit the dock".  You probably would not see it unless I told you about it, but I know better.  My bad.  Just glad the wind was not blowing.  The marina also broke a record as the most expensive we have stayed at so far.

Marc came over after we got tied up and said that they were able to get a slip in Baltimore for Saturday and Sunday nights.  I had been worried about where Joy and I would go as we were told we must leave the Yacht Basin by noon on Saturday.  We called and made a reservation also.  I am still concerned about boat traffic in and around Baltimore on a nice holiday weekend.  It is a short trip so we should be in there early if we leave in the morning.  Michele also got us tickets to the Orioles game.  Good job!

Spent some time walking around town this afternoon and the MD State Capital Building.  Very pretty town.  Very quaint.  Just too many people.  Had Oysters and Beer at O'Brians.  Bought some wine at one of the local shops.  Some of Don's "Campus Oaks".  (Don - it was $12.99/bottle).  Later had dinner at Pusser's on the dock walk.  We all had a Pain Killer #2.  The water traffic is terrible (reminded me of traffic during rush hour in Savannah).  Short walk back to the boat and early to bed.  The boat is rocking a lot due to the water traffic in the harbor.  Feels like a water bed from 20 years ago without baffles.

Trip 52.0 miles, 9.6 mph avg, 13.2 mph max, 5:24.

Solomons Island fisherman use nets and posts to net in fish

North east side of island

Solomons Island lighthouse on north east side

We think this is possibly a fuel transfer site just north of the island

Lighthouse coming into Annapolis, MD

Slightly overloaded sailboat leaving Annapolis

Houses on the coast as we approach Annapolis on a hazy day

Log floating in the water waiting to ruin someones day

Annapolis Naval Academy 

More of the Naval Academy 

State Capitol

Front Gate to the Governors Residence

Distant Shot of the Governors Residence
May 25, 2012

Took a trolley ride around Annapolis with the group but was unable to take pictures on the trolley.  Had an interesting time.  Learned about some of the history of the town and even though I am sure it is somewhat embellished, it was enlightening.  Afterward had lunch at the Rams Head Theater and Pub.  Had a 100 beer club with at least 1700 members.  If you drink 100 different beers you join the club.  I did not have time at lunch to join.  My kind of place.  Later had docktails with Ericka Lin and Brown Eyed Girl.  Got to bed early as we are heading for Baltimore in the morning.

May 26, 2012

Left for Baltimore at about 7:30.  Short ride up the river to the Inner Harbor Marina in Baltimore City.  The bay was rolling a little but smoothed out as we headed north.  Passed a Navy ship anchored in the bay and had to let a big Ro-Ro go around.  Got to the marina and tied up and looked around and the water was full of dead fish.  Place stunk to high heaven.  They have had some kind of fish kill and the things are floating around everywhere.  Yuck!

Walked around the bay area.  Nice facility and there is a lot to do in the downtown area.  Walked to the Flag Museum that Marc wanted to go to.  Learned some things I did not know.  Every where in town they are flying the 15 stars and 15 stripes.  Flag that flew over Baltimore in the War of 1812.  I think that is right.  I know it was very big, about 40' x 30'.

Had a couple of beers at a local Irish Tavern and then again at the Rusty Scupper which is actually located over the marina office.  Every thing in this town is EXPENSIVE!

Trip 35.5 miles, 9.0 mph avg, 11.6 mph max, 3:56.

May 27, 2012

Sunday morning.  Bright clear skies.  Beautiful.  Place still smells of dead fish (Joy thinks this is the best place we have stayed yet - so much to see and do and she is taking pictures like she has nothing else to do - like fix me some food or bring me a beer - huh what is with that?).  Don't think that the smell is going to go away any time soon.  Marc and Michele took the bikes and rode to Church at the Bascillaca.  Joy and I walked around and tried to find some breakfast.  No luck.  Did I say everything here is EXPENSIVE?  I balked when I figured that I was going to pay about $60 for eggs, bacon, hashbrowns, for two and coffee and juice.  Went back to the boat and Joy cooked up eggs and corned beef hash.  I am sure it was better than anything at the restaurant and did not have to wait for nearly an hour (and Joy did all the work plus even cleaned up the dishes - boy am I getting lazy and it is going to cost me as she really wanted to go out - I see a shopping trip in my future).

Went to the afternoon Orioles game against the Kansas City Royals.  O's lost.  Did I say everything was EXPENSIVE?  2 Tickets, 3 beers, 3 wines and a bag of  popcorn almost $200 (boy is he moaning and groaning - we had fabulous seats right next to the box seats behind first base and the game was great. A short walk from the boat and we had a great time.  Bitch bitch bitch).  Got to get out of this town   before I have to sell the diesel in the tanks for cash (damn if he keeps on I may have to put him back to work).  Had dinner at the Rusty Scupper.  Not impressed (the companionship was wonderful - we went with Marc and Michele and yours truly - man you just can't please him).

Sunrise in Baltimore

Mr. Grumpy

May 28, 2012

Left the dock about 6:15 headed for the Sassafras River to drop the hook for tonight.  Left early trying to get there before the crazy's come out on the water.  First thing I hear is broadcast from the Coast Guard to be on the lookout for a man in the water.  Then about 5 minutes later another broadcast about an accident yesterday when a boat hit a jetty, serious injuries, one  person still missing.  Listened to MDNR and USCG coordinating searching patterns, etc.  I guess the crazy's came out yesterday.  Oh well, they are still around.

Coast Guard Search & Rescue looking for a body

Hmmm - looks like a mightly big outhouse to me

They looked so cool and refreshed in the 90+ weather Jim hopped in (damn the water was cold)

Got to the river and dropped anchor in Back Creek.  Boats are running everywhere.  Help me!

Trip 44.8 miles, 9.0 mph avg, 10.5 mph max, 5:00.

May 29, 2012

Got up early and looked around to find everyone gone except Marc's Ark.  He's floating about 100 yds. away.  Very quiet and peaceful.  I think I'll have a cup of coffee.  Had a great night's sleep last night.  Ran the generator and the A/C so we were very comfortable.  Sort of hate to leave this place.  Plan is to head north and check out the city docks at Chesapeake City.  We can stop there if there is space available and the cost is very minimal. (As we went by and Joy was taking pictures she said it was the first small town she didn't hear banjo's playing?) Otherwise we are headed to Delaware City.

Pulled anchor at about 7:00 and headed down river to the bay.  What started out as a smooth ride turned into a relative bumpy one.  There are some pretty long ranges in the channel, 10+ miles or so and the fetch is pretty long.  The winds got up about 15kts and with an opposite current there were a few waves.  We rolled a good bit (it must have been in his mind - the rocking keeps putting me to sleep so it can't be very bad unless he is slipping me a sleeping pill?).  Once we got to the C and D Canal, things began to smooth out some.  The wind did not let up, but there was little fetch to build up the waves.
Hmm, I wonder if they taste like chicken?

Cheasapeake City, MD

I captured an eagle in flight (will try to blow it up when I have time)

This is a train bridge that lifts when trains aren't coming.  Notice the train currently crossing.

and crossing

and just about finished

Part of the mechanism that raises the bridge back up
The bridge is part way up from the road now

The bridge is all the way up now - pretty cool

Boy the beautiful bridges we have passed under

Some so different and side by side

I just love to catch these fellows when they take flight

Entering Delaware City, DE

Doesn't appear to be alot of sand

Got to Chesapeake City and it was only 9:30.  There was room at the docks, but since we were there so early, decided to move on to Delaware City anyway.  It will make the run to Cape May about 15 miles shorter.  The manager of the Delaware City Marina had been at the AGLCA get together in Norfolk and we were hoping that it would be a good stop.

It was good, but it was also short.  There is not much to see in Delaware City.  The docks are down a pretty  small creek which has plenty of water.  Just small.  They work hard at making you feel welcome here.  The marina manager spent a good amount of time with Marc and me looking at the weather and winds for Delaware Bay on the computer trying to make a go/no go decision.  Great attitude and friendly atmosphere.  Loaned us a golf cart so we could go to dinner at Crabby Dicks.  Ok food.  Big beers.  No oysters.  Some times you win, some times you loose.  Had shrimp (Joy had fish and chips and her haddock was bigger than the plate and she said it was fabulous).

Trip 40.5 miles, 8.4 mph avg, 10.8 mph max, 4:49.

Tomorrow looks like a go.

Entrance to Crabby Dick's

May 30, 2012

Got up early this morning.  Traveling day.  Always feel anxious when it's time to move on.  Had coffee, took out the trash, Constitutional, unhooked the power and the water and headed out about 7:00.  We had planned on a strong current to help push us down the bay.  The weather was overcast and cloudy with light rain.  The current kicked in about 8:00 as planned.  We were running  about 200 rpm higher than normal and were pushing to get all the speed we could so we would not get rough seas around Cape May.  A perfect plan and we shot down the bay at sometimes over 13 mph.  Sounds real fast doesn't it.  Actually, it is much faster than we usually run.  Jim's Joy can get up on plane and travel in the 22 mph range, but Marc's Ark can not.  He is a true trawler and can not plane.  He has a top speed of about 14 - 15 mph I would guess.  The bright side is he does not burn 36 gal./hr.

Fort Delaware across from Delaware City - The ferry only runs on the weekend so we weren't able to go see it

Got to Cape May and pulled in to Utsch's Marina.  We'll be here for at least 2 days to look the area over and to plan the next move to Atlantic City which is up the coast about 40 miles.  Heard that maybe some of the folks may try to catch up with us.  We would wait around if they say they will come on in and join us again.

Fog has set in and it looks like an early night.  We had Joy Juice at the dock shed with 3 boats which we have never met.  They are long time, very experienced boaters who spend most of their time living/traveling by boat.  Some interesting characters.  One boat lives in Daytona Beach during the winter and goes to Rhode Island during the summers to be with the grand kids.  One boat lives in Canada, but has had the boat in Florida for several years.  One boat just yo-yo's up and down the coast all year and has done so for the last 15-20 years.  Just another way of living, yea, yea!

Trip 62.1 miles, 10.7 mph avg, 13.5 mph max, 5:48.

This was taken as we entered what is called the Chesapeake and Delaware Canal (C & D Canal)

We are now in Cape May, NJ

May 31, 2012

Got up this morning to a bright sunny day.  Winds are light and it would be a good day to travel.  We stayed in Cape May however.  Marc and Michele were renting bikes to join us in riding around the town.  Michele went before us to get her hair cut and fell on the bike when she got to the salon.  They took her to the emergency care facility and charged them way too much money to bandage her knee and put a band-aid on her thumb.  Didn't get her hair done.  Marc joined her at the emergency care and Joy and I went riding to the beach.  BEAUTIFUL Beach.  Very large and nice sand.  The ocean was nearly as smooth as a mill pond.  We should be on the water moving North.

Marc and Michele joined us around 11:00 and we decided to ride out to the Lighthouse.  The map made it look like it was just around the corner.  Not so.  It was probably about 6 of 7 miles (oh my poor backside).  It was still fun.  The lighthouse is still in operation and Joy and Michele climbed to the top to take some photos (total of 400 damn steps up and down).  Marc and I stayed on the ground to give them something to take photos of (they are way to kind).  Rode back to town and had some lunch.  After lunch, Michele went back to get her hair done and the rest of us went shopping (they double teamed me to keep me out the the stores - so not fair)?  After getting her hair done, Michele came back and she and Joy went shopping some more (that will teach them).  Marc and I found a beer (or three - go figure - we found purses - yeah).

Rode back to the Marina and found a crowd.  Native Son, Brown Eyed Girl, and three other boats (Sareanna, Kismet, and Sea Smoke) had arrived and there was group gathered at the dock.  They had had a good day traveling.  Ericka Lin had come also, but was staying at a private dock across the canal for free.  We all had dinner at the Lobster House next to the marina which was very good.

After dinner looked at the weather with Rich on Native Son.  It is not looking all that good.  Winds at 18 mph.  Decided to stay over and socialize some more.  Slept good.

Beautiful sunrise

All the pictures below are from the top of the lighthouse

A bunker on the beach that was used during the war

Hmm - run on the hard hot pavement??

Run on the nice breezy bikini clad beach - what choices. 

This was the watch tower for the bunker to warn them of approaching ships

Two bums trying to pick us up (they were successful)

The lights still working in the lighthouse

Damn long ramp to get to the beach

Looks like an outhouse but I don't think it really is although with that water who would know

These are some of the houses we saw on the way back from the lighthouse